B&B Burgers and Brewskies | Best Burger Joint at BGC

Nowhere else to go and I’m on leave. My friend just bailed out on me. I think it’s because I kept on delaying the time we’re supposed to meet until she fell asleep. Hahaha. Still eager to go out, I texted my sister who’s pigging out at Mercato BGC and asked her if she wantsContinue reading “B&B Burgers and Brewskies | Best Burger Joint at BGC”

Chicken and Beer

What took me so long?? The first time I saw this place and read Chicken and Beer, I already knew I’m in for a treat. I’ve been passing by this joint every day to work but it seems time won’t permit. Then, tada!! Next thing I know, I’m already sitting by their alfresco area andContinue reading “Chicken and Beer”