Cruising Through Loboc River | Floating Restaurant | Must-Do in Bohol


Finally, I get to experience one of the famous attractions in Bohol. The Loboc river! When in Bohol, it is a must that every tourist should try this. After having gone to a lot of places that day, me and the group were starving. We were on a countryside tour and the Loboc river is part of it so we got to the place at already 1ish.

Can’t believe that I was able to dine and cruise the river of Loboc. It was a great experience. Food was ok, nothing extraordinary. The barbecue was good. I surprisingly liked one of their vegetable dishes. Dunno what it’s called but it kinda reminded me of my cooking. Lol. The ones where I always put Worcestershire sauce. I hope they served shrimp that day instead of crabs. I was told that they only serve one or the other. There was a good selection of Filipino dishes and desserts which I think is good because it is one way of showcasing our cuisine to the foreign tourists while enjoying the rustic, lush greenery of the surroundings. There was also a band serenading us with old love songs while on tour.


The raft (floating restaurant) moves at a leisurely pace. Along the way, you will see some of the locals swimming and some just chilling under the tree and watching the tourists as they pass by. On our way back, we stopped at a small jetty and watched the famous Loboc Children’s choir dance and sing to the beat of some folk music.


This 1hr dine and cruise at Loboc costs P450 through the Tourism Information office beside Moon Fools Hostel. Not bad for the experience 128522

You can also book the whole Countryside Tour through KLOOK

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