Le Burgeria | Colored Burgers

After hearing this place from one of my co-workers, we’ve decided to give it a try. The place is just located along Pagasa Street and near the market at Signal Village. I like their logo and the interior design. The place is just small but they were able to make it look nice. I like their brick wallpaper design, dim lights and how it is hanging from the ceiling making it look more of a mafia-themed restaurant plus their logo is nice too!!


I ordered the Cheesemelt Bacon Mushroom Burger and their Ultimate Chocofudge Shake. I think Taguig is letting itself be known as the home of the colored burgers because I’ve been seeing a lot of eateries or restaurants nearby that have colored buns and I’ve read that line somewhere: “Taguig, home of the colored burgers.”

It took them an hour to serve our food, so that’s a minus for us. The presentation of their food was great as well as the shakes, however, the taste was just ok. Patties are big but not juicy. As you eat your burger you will notice that some parts of the bun slowly separates from the rest. I think it is made of tiny doughs put in together to complete a burger bun just for the purpose of having multi-colored buns. It also resulted in having an airy, thin bun.

The burger tastes ok but it would be better if it is saucier or tastier. There’s only a small amount of bacon and I haven’t noticed the cheese or the cheese sauce neither the mushrooms.

The shake was topped with a Dowie donut, monde brownies, and a pop tart. The shake itself tastes like Choc-O, not even Chuckie. 😀


They only have three choices of burgers: Cheeseburger, Cheesemelt Burger and the Bacon-Mushroom Burger (which is ok. Business-wise). It just varies if you want to try their challenge burgers or if you want to add cheese melt in it. There are more choices for the shakes rather than their burgers but I think that’s fine.

Sister’s order

Overall experience for me was ok. I think it is because I’ve heard a lot of complaints from my sister and workmates before I even started eating. I guess I expected worse.

Cheese melt Bacon-Mushroom Burger – P120 (w/ fries, no drinks)
Chocofudge Ultimate – P120

***We were here last July 11, 2016, when the place was just starting. So yea, this blog is outdated but you can check their Facebook page here. They added more to their menu and a lot of cute presentation and characters as well. I can say that their food presentation is Instagram-worthy! I just hope that it tastes as good as it looks.

(Apologies for the photos with poor resolution)

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