Andale by Agave

It was my friend’s birthday so we’re in for a treat. We decided to have Mexican food so we tried Andale by Agave at Sm Aura. It is just a small open space located at the corner of the sky garden.

While waiting for our orders they gave us a complimentary snack. Something to nibble on while waiting. Chips with 3 choices of salsa; Light medium and spicy.

I tried their quesadillas with grilled shrimp in it. It was good, very cheesy and they don’t skimp on ingredients. I can eat two orders of that. I also tried my friends Grilled Chicken Pollo which is also good. The chicken was tender and juicy, perfectly grilled and golden brown. They serve it with grilled corn, jalapeños and with just two flour tortillas which weren’t enough.

Quesadillas with grilled shrimp

I also tried their Combo Tres I think it is called. Which is one of their best sellers according to the server. It consists of Mexican red rice, Beef Taquitos, beans I think? And a Cheese Enchilada. The dish was surprisingly good or better compared to the other Mexican Restos I’ve tried.

All in all, it was a good experience. I enjoyed my quesadillas and would love to come back for more or try their other dishes. I just wish they have an alfresco area.

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