B&B Burgers and Brewskies | Best Burger Joint at BGC

Nowhere else to go and I’m on leave. My friend just bailed out on me. I think it’s because I kept on delaying the time we’re supposed to meet until she fell asleep. Hahaha.

Still eager to go out, I texted my sister who’s pigging out at Mercato BGC and asked her if she wants to go to B&B. Of course, she said yes right away knowing that it’s all on me 128530

I heard that this is one of the best burger joints in the Metro and it’s on EJ D‘s top list of burgers (from the looloo app). Actually, B&B earned the spot for the best burger in the metro!

I ordered the Kandi Burger, it was a work of art. The burger was soooo delicious, savory, juicy and meaty. It couldn’t get any better. The sweetness of the candied bacon and onion confit complements the saltiness of the cheese sauce Which is so perfect because I always like the sweet and salty combination. I also loved the roasted garlic aioli. Oh, such a fabulous combination!


Everything’s perfect. From the buns to the patty which is made from 100% beef and was cooked medium to preserve its tenderness and flavor, the special B&B cheese sauce, garlic aioli etc down to the presentation. The burger is placed on a wooden board which is kinda the trend now. And the place is good too. Perfect place to hang out and the entire vicinity is not that crowded even if there are other restaurants and cafes nearby.

I also tried Blue Moon an American craft beer. Too strong for my taste. I’m not a fan.

To sum it all up, my taste buds enjoyed the burger. I wanna come back for more and try their other burgers and a different beer to go with it.


**Above is my sister’s order called Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Chicken patty with roasted garlic aioli, lettuce, rum bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, and fried onion strings. This one is good too!

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