Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

When you say Rustic Mornings by Isabelo, the first reaction you’ll get is all about the beauty of the place. how nice, picturesque the place is and stuff.

Well, yea… The place is really nice. It has a quaint, rustic and homey garden feel. Upon entering the doors or should I say gates of this place you’ll find yourself in awe. The place is surrounded by trees and plants with garden tables and chairs in between or a distance away from each other where it can give diners a little privacy. They even used empty bottles or shells as curtains (added privacy) lol

How they set this place up was really comforting. It’s like having a meal from your own garden. So relaxing. You can also wander around to check the quaintness of its place. you can see some memorabilia or vintage stuff hanging around or displayed on walls, cabinets or on top of the shelves. Most are empty bottles, pots, pans, lamps and some paintings.

This place is also good for a romantic breakfast or brunch with friends.

Now with the food, I tried their French Toast with Bacon and Hashbrown and partnered it with a Speculoos Vanilla Shake. The food was a bit disappointing. The french toast was ok. Bacon was overcooked, so it was hard not even crispy. Hashbrown was ok at first coz the breading or outer part looks and tastes like piknik that was put together but as you eat it, Its like ordering pikinik for a side dish. Where’s the Hashbrown??


On the other hand, the Vanilla Speculoos shake was sooo goood!! Well, it should be because its a lil pricey. And I love vanilla.128522

Vanilla Speculoos Shake

Will still give it a second try if ever someone invited me. Coz I’ve also read a lot of good reviews about the food here in Rustic. Maybe it was just the cook that time. Lol, kiddin. Haha.

The place is open until 4pm for walk-in customers then at night I think it is open for reservations only.

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