Murray & D’Vine | Burger Joint at Serendra


Finally got to try this burger joint at Serendra.

The first time I passed by this place it already caught my attention. First, I love burgers then the place seems foreign. It looks like a small burger joint in the U.S. or some restaurants from the Man vs Food show. It looks cozy and dark. Just the right place for a burger lover who also appreciates the ambiance of a good burger place. It also looks like a good place to hang out.

It may be located in an upscale or high-end location but the place is very inviting. It has a cozy and casual feel and the staff was accommodating and courteous. They even took our picture and posted it on their FB page. LOL.

They had a DJ playing the time we went there and mostly the songs were reggae music which adds up to the vibe.

I tried their Juicy Lucy Burger, one of their specialty burgers where you have the option on what type of cheese you want for your burger, you can also choose from beef or chicken, caramelized onion or sautéed and how you want it to be cooked. I opted for the beef burger which I prefer it to be cooked medium rare so the juices would still be there and it wouldn’t dry up with swiss cheese and caramelized onion.

Well, the burger was good but not that extraordinary. I wasn’t able to eat it with my bare hands as their burgers are big. Haha. The beef is 100% meat, juicy and it’s not that greasy. Their buns are heart-shaped and their condiments are served in a small bottle which is unique. I think it would be better if I ordered it with cheddar cheese to make it more flavorful.

I also ordered a beer to pair it with my burger.

Will be back to try their other gourmet burgers like the Ostrich burger, Goat? Burger, Baby Back ribs, etc. 128516


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