8 Cuts Burger

Delectable!!! The only word I can think of after or rather while eating their burger!!

I tried their Hangover burger and I’d say you’d really have a hangover!! Haha. It has onion griddled quarter pounder “Big Game Blend” patty of hanger and brisket with yellow cheddar, crisp prosciutto, fried egg, arugula (Mediterranean purple colored plant that has a bitter and peppery taste) sweetly spiced Bbq sauce and house aioli (Mediterranean garlic sauce, which is sooo good!) all jam-packed in sesame seed buns.

All of the ingredients complement each other and is really flavorful. I thought the egg is a bad idea but it goes well with the burger (coz I’m not a fan of eggs) lol.

The burger has a very pleasing taste, delish, juicy and most of all mouthwatering. It’s like bite after bite after bite while savoring the taste in between then you’ll have a hangover once you’re finished. Lol


Their fries are good too. They have diff. Kinds of fries: skinny fries, waffle cut fries (i think), and the skin-on steak fries which still has its skin on it. Their onion rings are flavored with Bbq powder which is also good.

On the other hand, it’s sad to say that at the time we went there the service was bad. We waited for an hour for the food to arrive. We actually canceled our order but the manager stopped us on our way out, apologized and said she would bring out the orders herself within 10mins(Another 10mins?). 128549 My mom asked me if It’s ok with me. Well, I am pissed off but then I really wanted to try their burger so what the heck! We stayed and waited for another 5-10mins. Then lil by lil our orders started coming. After another 10mins both of us are trying to compose ourselves coz from looking pissed off and irritated we are now smiling and laughing (trying not to let the servers and manager see us enjoying their food so much after complaining irritably) hahaha.

I would have given 8cuts a five-star rating if the service was good, organized and if the server is not in a hurry to get your order just to serve it after 40mins. (20mins for the wait list).

Well, overall, I’d still say it’s worth the wait!!! Good thing we stayed. This is one of the best burgers I’ve tasted! Can’t get enough of it!! Really one of the best!!! 128557

I will definitely come back to try other burgers. Hopefully, the place is not jam-packed and the service is gon be good. 128522

Below is a photo of their Cheese Burger. This one tastes good too!


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