Chicken and Beer

What took me so long?? The first time I saw this place and read Chicken and Beer, I already knew I’m in for a treat. I’ve been passing by this joint every day to work but it seems time won’t permit. Then, tada!! Next thing I know, I’m already sitting by their alfresco area and checking out the menu. There’s a wide range of chicken dishes to choose from but there were only two of us -_-

We ordered two of their best sellers, the Rice Syrup Chicken (6pcs for P295) which is covered in a slightly sweet glaze and was really delish, and their Spicy chicken (6pcs for P295) which wasn’t that spicy coz we asked to reduce the spiciness. We also ordered their vegetable fried rice (P110 good for 2) where at first I thought I wouldn’t like but there’s a bit of creaminess in it which I like 🙂

Rice Syrup Chicken, Spicy Chicken and the Vegetable Rice
Rice Syrup Chicken, Spicy Chicken, and the Vegetable Rice

If you wanna hit up a fried chicken joint this is the best place to be! Their chicken is juicy, tender and delicious, and it has a great value for money 🙂

Will definitely come back to try their other Korean fried chicken dishes!!

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